Energize events, elevate social content or ignite your company and release your healthy with a dose of laughter


Wit engages.

Say goodbye to dry, boring lectures. Lisa uses humor to engage and activate your audience so that they’re ready to receive your event's message. Once they start laughing, they can really start listening.


Humor heals.

Go beyond medicine and doctor's orders to bring laughter and light back into your life. Lisa will help your audience heal through humor and find common ground moving forward to better things personally and professionally.


Laughter pays.

When customers find joy in your brand, they become lifelong consumers. Add laughter to your brand messaging so that audiences enjoy engaging with your product and find themselves craving more.

on stage

Bring inspiration to your event with a speaker experienced to cover health humor. Your audience will leave engaged in their own wellbeing and inspired to bring laughter into their daily routine.

  • Conventions
  • Corporate Retreats
  • Wellness Conferences
  • Food Conventions
  • Health Provider Workshops
  • Nutrition Seminars

in media

Your product may speak for itself, but unless the audience is engaged, they won’t hear the message. Lisa’s unusual and unique backstory enables her to find the joy and laughter in any situation, and helps her make your products relevant in print and on television, radio, and online, as well as on satellite and radio media tours, expo representations, and in-store promotional events.

in office

Use humor to entertain and educate on challenging workplace topics. Show the office team how to engage fully with life, their passion, and each other, through laughter. The results are immediate and lasting.

  • Management Training
  • Team Building
  • Motivational Videos
  • Humor Instruction
  • Employee Retreats
  • Corporate Retreats
  • Sales Trainings


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Lisa is a born comedian, who utilizes her lifelong passion for humor as the foundation of her joyful, connecting, attention breaking skill-set. Now, Lisa uses humor to address challenging office and corporate topics, weaving her health and nutrition background into the narrative while she teaches others to live in the moment and have no regrets.

Speaker Reel

My Health Story

How I educate teams

How I help brands

Speaker topics

Boost your Health!
Find the Funny in Life
Lighten Up! Adding Levity to Your Toolbox
Stress Buster: Laughter
Positive Health Outcomes Made Easy with Laughter
Healing with Humor and Potato Chips

Learn the secrets of how to leverage humor to increase connection, conversion, and cash.


"I highly recommend Lisa Jones after working with her on our "laughriser," a fundraiser for our Political Action Committee of the Pennsylvania Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Lisa is the real deal; smart and so funny! Working with Lisa was a win-win for our organization ~ we raised money and our spirits in one evening! Lisa delivers the laughs!"

Susan Adams, Immediate Past President
Pennsylvania Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics



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